The Time Key Series of Book Titles


List of Book Titles

Book 1 Considerations in Time (Now in Print)

Kindle and Paperback Editions available from Amazon:

Paperback Edition from Createspace:

Book 2 - Consternations with Time (Completed, awaiting proofing)

Book 3 - Conservation of Present Time (In Progress)

Other Future Titles in Series (still in concept phase):

Book 4 - Conversations on Future Time
Book 5 - Contradictions to Time Past


Concerns for time are just misplaced,
It's solved all problems that it's faced,
Past time and future, on which it's based,
By present time they are displaced.

For all time lines which have begun,
Redundant ones end up as none,
The rest converge into just one,
Regardless of what we may have done. .......

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